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Useful Apps

Below are some useful free apps that can help support children and young peoples wellbeing.

Catch it App

Catch it is an app which can help ‘track’ your mood. It can be useful for anyone wanting to understand their moods.

Calm Harm

This App can be used to help if you are currently experiencing self harming thoughts or are currently self harming. Its private and password protected.


Cove is an app that lets you create music using the different emotions. It can be a useful app to create distractions.

Chilli Panda

Chill Panda

Chill Panda is an app that can help you to learn how to manage stress and worries. It uses the camera to measure your heart rate and practice breathing techniques.


Headspace is a recommended app for mindfulness and mediation.

Ask for ANI
(Action Needed Immediately)

Ask for ANI

Using this code word in any registered pharmacy (including high street chain Boots) shall help raise the alarm and get you assistance should you be experiencing domestic violence.

If you are experiencing domestic violence and feel too scared or unable to contact the police, please consider using this service locally. You are not alone!

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