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Gedney Church End Primary AcademyAnti Bullying

Anti-bullying week – 16th November 2020

This week we have taken part in anti-bullying week. The theme this year is ‘united together.’ All of the pupils have spent the week learning more about bullying, wearing odd socks to express their individuality, exploring how they can help ‘stamp out’ bullying and taking part in team building exercises to ‘unite together.’

Our School Council created a video to start the week off.

Take a look below at each classes activities.


Woodpeckers had 2 different team building challengers. Our EYFS children had the task of completing the jigsaw puzzle of their classroom.

Year one had to work their way through the maze to collect the knights and take down the castle! Some great discussions were held during this activity based on trial and error and taking turns. Lots of perseverance was needed too! The younger pupils did a great job of working together to complete their puzzles.

Woodpeckers also had a ‘rock out’ to the song that was based on the theme for the week. Some great singing too Woodpeckers!

They spent some time discussing how they can make a change….

Here are some of our EYFS showing off their odd socks!


Puffins were set the task of working together as a team to code break the different Pokémon names and win the Pokeballs. The winning team managed to win a total of 3 Pokeballs. When asked how the winning team working together Declan said “we all had a Pokemon each and took it in turns to find a letter at a time, that way we got more done.”

Puffins class looked at kindness and how they can be more kind in school. They worked together to create some lovely ‘kindness bunting’ and looked at different acts of kindness.

They had a dance to the song that was based on the theme for this week.


Jaguars have been busy discussing the different types of bullying that may be experienced. Their class teacher said they had some great discussions amongst themselves based on the different types of bullying. They also created some super posted about cyber bullying.

Jaguars team building exercise was an ‘escape the room’ challenge. They all did a great job of working together and all teams managed to escape the room before time was up! Take a look at the video below.

Jaguars used all of their odd socks to create a picture.