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Gedney Church End Primary SchoolWelcome to Class 3

On this page we will be sharing some of the fantastic things we do in class.


Buckle up, sunglasses on—we’re going on a road trip across the good old US of A! It’s time to explore the sights and sounds of the different national parks, landscapes and urban areas. Use your map skills to navigate your way around some of America’s most famous landmarks.

Meet the Native American Tribes and their customs and traditions. Travel along Route 66 seeing the Cadillac Stonehenge and the Blue Whale that you can walk through.

It’s going to be a long journey, put the roof down and let the wind blow through your hair—we’re off!

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Star of the Week

Tiago and Jack


This term PE will be on Wednesday & Thursday

Mini Olympics 20 June

Tribal Masks 25 May

We have been looking at the history of America and designed and made a Native American Tribal mask.

Pbone Lessons 24 May

Class 3 are coming towards the end of their PBone lessons with Miss Justyna and they can now play Mamma Mia very confidently.

Saxon Soldiers 9 February

Class 3 have made paper Saxon helmets and then had lots of fun pretending to be Saxon soldiers.

Gymnastics 18 January

We have been taking part in gymnastics led by Inspire+. The children have been practicing balances on their own and with a partner, and a range of movements around the area. They also had a visit from Carl Blackman, where they learnt about sports for those with disabilities and the skills of a new sport called Boccia. It is a Paralympic sport that is similar to bowls and has to be played sat or knelt down. The children interacted with Carl well and thoroughly enjoyed taking part in a new sport.

Science 15 January

The children have enjoyed creating circuits. They used a variety of equipment and tested what worked and what didn’t. They were able to use their problem solving skills to find a solution when their circuit wasn’t working. They have also looked at what materials make good conductors and which are insulators.

Class 3 learning to play the Pbone with Miss Justyna 8 January

Polar Express 11 December

As part of our English, we have been looking at the Polar Express. The children had lots of fun pretending they were on the polar express. They sat in their pyjamas with their favourite teddy, drinking hot chocolate and watching some more of the film. The children made tickets to board the Polar Express and we have made our very own Polar Express.

The Steadfast Tin Soldier 11 December

In English, the children had been looking at Hans Christian Andersen, particularly the story of The Steadfast Tin Soldier. The children acted out parts of the story and have learnt what it means to be steadfast.

Solids and Liquids

Class 3 have been exploring Solids and Liquids. We made gloop with cornflour and water, and we made a type of dough using cornflour and oil. We have begun to make our own crystals too!