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Gedney Church End Primary SchoolWelcome to Woodpeckers Class


The sun has got his hat on! Let’s go outside, to explore everything that summer has to offer. In this project, we’ll learn all about summer, the changes that happen in the natural world and things people do during the warmer months.

This half term, we’ll go for a walk to look for signs of summer, and use our senses to explore the season. Back at school, we’ll have lots of fun role playing in our ice cream shop. Using ice pencils, we’ll create some cold and colourful writing. We’ll use symbols to complete a weather chart, and record the temperature. In our mathematics work, we’ll count and estimate the number of seeds in a watermelon slice. Using our green fingers, we’ll plant grass seeds and care for them during the project. We’ll look closely at objects that you might take to the beach, and technology that people use during the summer such as digital cameras and desktop fans. There’ll be lots of delicious foods to eat. We’ll taste summer fruits, make healthy lollies, and then write instructions. Outside the classroom, we’ll play with different balls and search for wildflowers. We’ll learn about sun safety, and make sunglasses using different materials. As an exciting challenge, we’ll design and build sandcastles.

At the end of the project, we’ll explain why we enjoy summer and perform summer songs.

Help your child prepare for their project

Summer is superb! Why not explore your local area to look for signs that summer is here? You could also plant seeds such as carrots, herbs or beans. What will the seeds need to help them grow? Alternatively, you could do some finger-painting to create a brightly-coloured, summery work of art.

Wondeful World of Science

This week as part of science week the children will have access to lots of hands on science learning, part of this was for the teachers to move around the classes and teach all the year groups. The children really enjoyed this and learnt all about

It was great fun and enjoyed by both adults and children.

Great Fire of London

Today we recreated The Great Fire of London... this enabled us to see how fast fire spreads and feel the heat that was given off. We decided that we would not like to have been involved in the Great Fire... but enjoyed watching out houses burn.

Pudding Lane Construction...Day 2

The rain did not stop building work in Woodpecker Class... all the children continued to add features and details to their house in Pudding Lane. Great work...

Pudding Lane Construction...Day 1

Woodpeckers have today (Wednesday 19th) started our next project challenge based around The Great Fire of London- 1666. The children have made an amazing start to the project by starting to build Pudding Lane. They worked with a friend and are adding lots of wood to their buildings, keep checking in to see our hard work in progress.... we shall be recreating the great fire next week.

Boston Tennis

As part of our well-being week , one of the activities included coaches from Boston Tennis coming to school and teaching us some skills. We had great fun....

Roots for Food

Today we had Darren in school from Roots for Food, we had great fun cooking Mexican dishes, and they tasted amazing.

An adventure with Sarah Outen

Today we had a special visitor in school, Sarah Outen. Sarah is a Great British athlete and loves adventures, so today we had an adventure in the outside area. We had to look for woolly worms and learnt lots about trees and the outdoor environment.

It was a great experience and we had lots of fun.

Easter Garden

Today the children enjoyed visiting the church and created an Easter Garden for the future services. We had a lovely time in the beautiful church and enjoyed seeing all the spring flowers on our way.

Japanese Cooking

The older children in Woodpecker's enjoyed making a Japanese dish yesterday, it was great fun and enjoyed by all.

Roots for Food

The EYFS children had great fun today making Stromboli , Roots for Food came to school and the children listened to the instructions and were very pleased with the results... hmmm I seem to have been forgotten, no one made one for Mrs Wright!

Don't we look great celebrating Red Nose Day 2021?

Exploring Paint

The children had great fun exploring paint and how you can create a super picture, the clean up was well worth it!

World Book Day

Today we celebrated World Book Day and some of the children enjoyed dressing up in some great costumes, we have also completed a range of linked activities. Even though this World Book Day was slightly different we all still had great fun and enjoyed seeing each other and chatting about our favourite books.


This year our Christingle was very different to normal, the children had fun in the classroom making their Christingles and then we walked to the church and celebrated as a whole school.

I hope you all have a relaxing holiday and enjoy time with your family and loved ones.

Mrs Wright

Special Visitors at Gedney Churchend

Today we had some special visitors in school Santa came with one of his Elves, the children each received a gift and a biscuit and had a great time.

A Bundle Of Joy

Today the children performed our 2020 Christmas Production-
A Bundle Of Joy...Don't they look great.

This is just a taster photo...keep watching as you will be able to watch the production very soon...

Christmas Jumper Day

Today the children in Woodpecker Class supported Save the Children charity by donating and in return they could wear a Christmas jumper.. they look very Christmassy. So far today we have raised £56.95 for Save The Children.

Wow, what a start to a Friday..

We all built a snowman, it was great fun.

Paw Patrol comes to Gedney

The Year 1 children have 2 special visitors today, this was to celebrate their time in EYFS which would normally be completed in July, but due to current conditions we had to postpone. The children have received memories of their time and had some fun dancing alongside Paw Patrol.


The children had a great session with Ian from Lego STEM, they all made and created a moving Lego piece and were all very pleased with their final pieces. The children worked with a friend and had to become engineers, repairing and improving their initial designs.

Children in Need

We all looked great dressed up on Pudsey day, in something yellow.

Tallington Farm

The children had a great day at Tallington Farm, they had lots of hands-on learning experiences and it was great to observe them completing all the challenges set. All the children loved the donkeys...

Farm in a Box

Today we had great fun completing some interesting farm activities:

This is linked to our story The Little Red Hen and in preparation for our farm visit next week, giving the children another way of experiencing farm activities without leaving the school grounds.

We all had great fun and enjoyed the whole day; I think the activity enjoyed by most was when we became poo detectives!

Topic end - Are we there yet?

To complete our topic learning the children enjoyed a day of fun, we had races and used vehicles to see who was the fastest and explored different surfaces.

The vehicles became very grassy and so we had to wash them too, there was also a staff car up for being washed too!

We certainly got them all clean by the end of the day.

First days back 4 September

Dear parents/ carers,

Take a look at the photos to see how well the  children have settled back into being the fantastic year 1 children. We have thought about how we feel and painted our own version of a colour monster, explored outside and inside and have learnt how to keep ourselves and our resources clean and safe.