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Gedney Church End Primary SchoolWelcome to Woodpeckers Class

What to expect, when? booklet

On this page we will be sharing some of the fantastic things we do in class.

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Early Years Foundation Stage

wc 15th June

The very busy spider activity starter

The very busy spider activity 1

The very busy spider activity 2

The very busy spider activity 3

The very busy spider activity 4

Missing numbers

UK animals word mat

Under the sea colouring pages

Days of the week on Sharing-a-Shell

Five senses scavenger hunt

Frozen sea

Sharing shells

Sharing-a-Shell Colouring Sheets

Sharing-a-Shell Trace and read the Words

Sharing-a-Shell Up to 20 Addition

Sorting Animals

Hungry monsters subtraction and reasoning powerpoint

Fairy tale picture cards part 1

Fairy tale picture cards part 2

Goodies and baddies cards

The Enormous Turnip Differentiated Maze Activity Sheets

Traditional tales display cutouts

Jacks Giant Song

Which Story

Home School Pack Powerpoint

Physical Development Powerpoint


Home Learning Pack

Colour By Number Subtraction

Colour By Numbers Addition

Phonics and spelling

Make a rainbow- science

My Family Scrapbook

Paper plane instructions

Rainbow Fish maths

Retell a Fairy Tale

Symmetrical butterfly pattern

Design Mr Potato Head

Dot to Dot numbers

Emoji code breaking addition and subtraction

Emoji I spy

Emoji I Spy record sheet

Naming 2d shapes

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Early Learning Goals Parent and Carers Guide

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On the Farm I Spy and Add Activity to 10

On the Farm I Spy and Add Activity to 10 - Checklist

On the Farm I Spy and Add Activity to 10 - Answers

Spring I Spy and Add Activity to 10

Spring I Spy and Add Activity to 10 - Checklist

Spring I Spy and Add Activity to 10 - Answers

Cardboard Tube Rocket Craft Instructions

Comparing Numbers to 10 Transport-Themed Activity

CVC Word Activity Booklet

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Paper Plate Pet Craft Activity

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CK E U R H B Read and Race Game

QU CH SH TH NG Phonics Read and Race Game

SATPIN Read and Race Game

Tablespoon Biscuit Recipe

Year 1

wc 15th June

Habitats booklet

Multiple mazes

Ocean Animals read and riddles

Pets code breaker

Shadow puppets

St Squirrel Ville puzzle

UK animals word mat

Under the sea colouring pages

Which would you prefer?

Word list

Addition reasoning

Term 3B Overview

Parent and Carer information - Who lives in a Rockpool

How fish breathe

I Spy sea animals

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All about me

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Amazing Lincolnshire Weeks 1 and 2

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Reading Revision Guidance

Maths Activity Booklet

Maths Activity Booklet - Answers

This weeks...

Good Work Winner

Star of the Week

The Enchanted Woods

Next term out Topic is titled The Enchanted Woods, so off to the woods we shall be going, and also we are off to an exotic animal Zoo to learn about animals that live in woods or not?

Please take time to read the information about our exciting topic and if you wish to start to work with your child on some of the activities then please do.

The Enchanted Woodland

Home Learning Ideas

Staying Active 17 March

Today the children from Woodpeckers and Eagles united and stayed active for most of the morning, we all had great fun using the sports equipment and devising some new and interesting games. Super Sportsmanship was shown by all.

Tree Boggarts 6 March

As part of our English we have been looking and reading instructions. Following this we used our understanding to make some tree boggarts on some trees in school, we had great fun and are very pleased with our boggarts- what do you think?


Fineshade Woods 6 March

Woodpeckers had a great day exploring Fineshade Woods, it was cold and damp but this did not deter the fun we had. During the day we-

We had a great day exploring.

Treasure Hunt 7 February

The children from Eagles and Woodpeckers joined each other and had great fun completing a treasure hunt. This was linked to numbers and co-ordinates but also the topic of Land Ahoy, this activity formed part of social development for the younger children and consolidation of topic knowledge for the older children. We all had great fun including the adults, the children loved receiving their treasure prize…

#Gooderstone Water Gardens and Nature Trail 14 January

The children had a great day exploring Gooderstone Water Gardens and Nature trail, we had fun finding all the bridges. We learnt about plants, water, and had a great day learning about the world around us with the support of the great British weather!

Rand Farm 10 December

EYFS and the adults had a great time with Santa, Mrs Claus, elves and animals at Rand Farm. We decorated gingerbread people with Mrs Claus. Became certified elves, met Santa and then fed animals and enjoyed meeting the reindeer.

Hindu Experience 6 December

We have a great day when  Sunita visited us and we participated with a Hindu Experience. The children and adults took part in-
Making rangoli patterns
Listened to Rama and Sita story
Bollywood dancing
Dressing in Indian clothes.
We all became princes and princesses and got to wear a Bindi, Mrs Wright became Queen of Gedney!

Christmas Tree Hunt 27 November

On Tuesday 26th November the children from Woodpecker class set off on a Christmas Tree hunt, we went to Tallington Farm and discovered not only some great trees but muddy puddles too. The children have fun exploring the trees and had to-

We all had great fun an enjoyed another hands on learning experience.

Snakes and Ladders 22 November

On Friday 22nd November Woodpeckers Class received two new members, say Hello to Snakes and Ladders. The children enjoyed a trip to Baytree pet centre , they had to pay the bus driver to take them,and brought our new pets along with all the essential items. The children decided on the pets, toys and names for the new members and will now take responsibility of caring for them.

Children In Need 15 November

Today the children all made such a great effort and looked brilliant in their yellow and spotty outfits. We have chosen a winner for every class for the most creative costume. So far today we have raised £64.40.

Thank you to all that has taken part and made a donation.

Cinema Trip

The Year 1 children thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the cinema today, we watched Secret Life of Pets 2. Once back in school we discussed the film and which animal would make the best classroom pet? This was a great discussion……watch this space for the new member of Woodpecker Class.

Inkpot Farm

Today Woodpeckers class visited Inkpot Farm. The Inkpot is an 18 acre field working farm where owner Hannah gave Woodpeckers a guided tour. The children explored the vegetable garden, picking and tasting some of the crops, collected eggs from the chicken coop, visited the Turkeys and met Socks and Dictus the Rams. We all went on a nature walk spotting lots of different flowers and ended up at the beehives, where we tasted some of the home grown honey. Last but not least all the children got to use the toilet that I’m sure none had experienced before. A compost toilet, I think they all enjoyed pouring the sawdust down the hole!

EYFS Reading Café

With Halloween around the corner we chose to read the story Funny Bones, helping find the skeletons someone to scare. Following the story with their adult who joined us in school we created our own skeletons.

Lunchtime Award 20 September

The Midday Supervisors decided all the new reception children deserved a lunchtime award for settling in well and making new friends.

The Greatest Showman 10 September

Woodpeckers class enjoyed PE at the church today. They are working towards performing there version of The Greatest Showman...

Lots of fun was had by all, watch this space for more performances.

UFO crashes into Woodpecker class - Where is Beegu?

Have you seen a small yellow creature with long yellow ears?

This book is about a little yellow creature that lands on earth and...