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Gedney Church End Primary SchoolWelcome to Eagles Class

On this page we will be sharing some of the fantastic things we do in class.

Work Packs

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Week 13 July

Week 29 June


VE Day

On Friday 8th May, it is VE Day, marking the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe. The 8th May marked the end of World War 2 and the day when the Allied forces announced the surrender of Germany in Europe. Here are some activities for you to do. Also why not think of some questions you would like to ask people who lived through this momentous day?

Safeguarding Information

Managing abusive people online

Online Safety

Thinkuknow: keeping your child safe online while they are off school

Year 2

wc 15th June

Maths turns

Maths challenge length

Maths challenge 2 length

Shadow puppets poster

St Squirrel Ville puzzle

Which would you prefer?

Word puzzles

Maths questions

Word list

Multiple Mazes

Home learning ideas - Predator

Parent and carer information - Predator

Spelling Term 3B Overview

Grammar and Punctuation

Andy Goldsworthy art activity

Carnivore Food Chain Information PowerPoint

Fractions learning from home

Funny animal rhymes

Halves and Quarters Sorting

Land art challenge cards

Past and Present Tense

Position Puzzles

Sorting Animals

What are predators?

Icarus Story PowerPoint

Icarus word search

Greek Gods Powerpoint

Add and Subtract Numbers Challenge Cards

Ancient Greek Alphabet Poster

Ancient greek pottery

Daedalus and his labyrinth

Greek God Fact File Template

Ideas to make

Pandoras Box

useful stuff

Alphabetical Order Puzzle

Chocolate Brain Teasers

Number Crosswords

Multiple Mazes x2

Multiple Mazes x3

Multiple Mazes x5

Multiple Mazes x10

Pirates Brain Teasers

What Happened Next Picture Prompts

Year 2 Word List

Project weeks 3-5

Maths Weeks 1 and 2

Maths Weeks 3 and 4

Maths Weeks 5 and 6

Phonics Spelling

Amazing Lincolnshire Weeks 1 and 2

Bingo Boards

Bingo Counters

Counting Fruits


Fraction Cards

Fractions word problems

Hotel for bugs

ce Escape Investigation Activity

Ice Escape Investigation Prompt Card

Times Tables Speed Tests

Moon Buggy activity

Multiplication colouring

Story writing

Creative Writing Prompt Question Writing Frames

Easter Themed Basket Craft

The Mystery at the Grand Portrait Gallery Maths Game

Snakes and Ladders with 2, 3 and 5 Times Tables Board Game

Spot Mr Whoops Mistakes Y1 Y2 Common Exception Words

Science Plants Learning from Home Activity Booklet

Science Uses of Everyday Materials Learning from Home Activity Booklet

Creative Writing Prompt Question Writing Frames Narrow Lines

Creative Writing Prompt Question Writing Frames

Fiction Reading Revision

Non-Fiction Reading Revision

Poetry Reading Revision

Reading Revision Guidance

Maths Activity Booklet

Maths Activity Booklet - Answers

Year 3

wc 13th July

Irregular verb forms

Homonym match



Banknote Reproduction Conditions

Design a Banknote Activity Sheet

How Coyote Places the Stars - reading sheet

How Coyote Places the Stars - teacher's notes

How Coyote Places the Stars - writing plan

How Coyote Places the Stars - comprehension questions

How Coyote Places the Stars - comprehension answers

Pick a preposition

Editing and improving Spain fact file

Suffixes beginning with vowel sounds

wc 6th July

Missing number challenge cards

Times tables colour by number activity sheets

Halving and doubling

Maths Mat 1

Maths Mat 2

Maths Mat 3

Maths Mat 4

Maths Mat 5

Maths Mat 6

SPAG Mat 1

SPAG Mat 2

SPAG Mat 3

SPAG Mat 4

SPAG Mat 5

SPAG Mat 6

Complete the sentence punctuation activity sheet

Statutory spelling words handwriting activity sheets

wc 29nd June


Keeping safe online

Warm Up Drawing Exercises

Art and Design Challenge Cards

Writing features - creating suspense

Show don't tell writing features

Writing features - creating characters


Using a Dictionary Worksheets

Using a Dictionary Answers

Spelling patterns crossword pack - cover sheet

Spelling patterns crossword pack - puzzles

Spelling patterns crossword pack - answers

English Worksheet

Vocab words - Definitions

Vocab words - Posters

Vocab words - Cards

Vocab words - Cards definitions

English Answer Sheet

The monkey mystery at the animal antics zoo


Dragons eye worksheet

Dragon image cards

Images of dragon eyes

Reading practice, with questions

Notes and guidance for parents and teachers

Reading practice, answers

My dragon

Writing paper

Statutory Spelling Words Practice

breath breathe

exercise bicycle

natural probably

strength medicine


wc 22nd June

Birds in your garden

Crack the code

Multiplication and Division Challenge Cards


Design a picnic blanket

Types of Lines

Angles in Turns

Right Angles

Shape Hunt

wc 15th June

aking Singular Nouns Plural

Plants Word Search

Crack the Code Home Learning

Crack the Code Home Learning Black and White

Cool Calculating Home Learning

Multiplication Facts Home Learning

Multiplication Facts Home Learning Black and White

Mat 1 HA

Mat 1 LA

Mat 1 MA

Mat 2 HA

Mat 2 LA

Mat 2 MA

Mat 3 HA

Mat 3 LA

Mat 3 MA

Mat 4 HA

Mat 4 LA

Mat 4 MA

Mat 5 HA

Mat 5 LA

Mat 5 MA

Mat 6 HA

Mat 6 LA

Mat 6 MA

Maths challenge

Addition and subtraction word problems

Maths Workbook

Puzzles and Problems

Word puzzles

Spelling list


Playground Challenge 1

Playground Challenge 2

Summer art ideas


Spelling Words Practice believe centre

Spelling Words Practice calendar increase

Spelling Words Practice position century

Spelling Words Practice weight height

Spelling Words Practice answers

Toys - notes and guidance

Toys - daily journal

Toys - design and make sheet

Toys - my toy advert task sheet

Toys - reading practice answers

Toys - reading practice questions

Toys - toys from the past


Superheroes - notes and guidance for parents, carers, teachers

Superheroes - comic strip writing task sheet

Superheroes - design a superhero

Superheroes - jet powered car

Superheroes - reading practice, text and tasks

Superheroes - reading tasks answers

Superheroes - rescue mission activity

Superhero masks

What makes me a superhero?

Spelling Workout

Spelling words practice pack - library material

Spelling words practice pack - minute recent

Spelling words practice pack - reign seperate

Spelling words practice pack - answers

60 seconds read - Adult Guidance

Dear Neighbours

Egg Drop Science Experiment

Egg Drop Science Experiment Record Sheet

Egg Drop Science Experiment Prompt Sheet

Review of the Tiny Tots Ballet Performance

surprise various






Top Tips from an Advertising Expert

Vote Michael for Milk Monitor

Multiplication Triangles

Countries around the world start to ease the lockdown

Pirate island co ordinates

Archimedes puzzle

Subtraction word problems

Write Now!

Letter from the author

Challenge list

Challenge list

Challenge cards

Challenge Checklist

Raffle tickets

Spelling Word Search

Teacher notes

Spelling Patterns - Student without hidden words

Spelling Patterns - Student with hidden words

Spelling Patterns - Teachers Answers

Spelling Revision

Teacher notes

Spelling review worksheets

Spelling review ANSWERS

Home learning ideas - Predator

Parent and Carer information - Predator

Animal flow chart

Carnivore Food Chain Information PowerPoint

Food chain producers consumers and decomposers

Take One Number

Times Table Grid

What is an ecosystem?


Words Worth Puzzle

Spelling Term 3b Overview

Puzzles and Problems

Learning Activity Booklet

Spelling Booklet Week 4

Maths Week 5

Spelling Booklet Week 5


Alice in Wonderland

Animals and their Habitats

Florence Nightingale

Garden Visitors

Time teasers

Gnome gnumeracy

Make your own iron age round house

Making inferences about pictures

The planets a short comprehension


Ancient Greek Alphabet Poster

Ancient greek pottery

Daedalus and his labyrinth

Greek God Fact File Template

Icarus word search

Ideas to make

Number and place value challenge cards

Pandoras Box

Useful stuff

Maths Workbook

Maths Workbook

Maths Workbook ANSWERS

Seed dispersal matching activity

Monet's impressions of flowers

Introduction to grid references

Find the distance

Multiplication and Division Workbook

Multiplication and Division Workbook Answers

Ancient Egyptians Brainteasers

Chocolate Brainteasers

Mayans Brainteasers

Rainforest Brainteasers

The BFG Brainteasers

Under The Sea Brainteasers

Who Was Buddha Brainteasers

Reflecting in the mirror line

Designinga shield for a knight

Investigating lines of symmetry

Minibeast activities

Super hero themed lesson activities

Food themed word and sentence work

Spelling Booklet Week 3

Maths Week 3

Living through lockdown

Picture perfect describing scenes

Make the answers true

Adding 1s, 10s and 100s

Words ending in dge spelling activity

Garden wildlife activity pack

School closure interactive learning links



Number Square Puzzle

Place Value

Uplevelling sentences activity sheets

Fraction problems activity sheet

Multiplication mosaics

Times table and division challenge activity sheet

Correct the sentence punctuation activity

Spring Activity Booklet

Spring Activity Booklet Answers

Maths Work Book

Maths Work Book

Maths Work Book - Answers

Sight and Sound Writing Prompts

Fiction Reading Revision

Non Fiction Reading Revision

Nutrition Diary Crafting Instructions

Nutrition Diary (WORD Document)

Nutrition Diary

Poetry Reading Revision

Reading Revision Guidance

Skeleton Cut Out and Label Home Learning Task (WORD Document)

Skeleton Cut Out and Label Home Learning Task

The Mystery of the Mmissing Shield Maths Mystery game

Times Tables games

Easter Chick Paper Model Instructions

Spring Maths Activity Booklet

Spring Maths Activity Booklet Answers

Roll and Draw Plant Game

Roll and Draw Plant Game (WORD Document)

The Life Cycle of Flowering Plants

The Life Cycle of Flowering Plants (WORD Document)

This weeks...

Good Work Winners

Star of the Week

Solos visit 12 March

The Eagles class have had another visit from Solo the pony. This term the children explored different courses and the obstacles that are used. The children had a more complex course to navigate Solo round, leading him through noodles, stopping at the traffic lights, stepping over poles and then choosing an emoji on how they felt about Solo visiting Gedney Church End.

RNLI Skegness

The children from Eagles Class had a great time at RNLI, Skegness. Jack and Chaz had a great time answering all the fantastic questions that we asked and the children loved exploring the station and seeing both lifeboats. We then had a walk along the promenade and lunch watching the sea. It was a great experience for all of us and the children thoroughly enjoyed this trip.

Reading Café

The Eagles had their first Reading Café this week. We invited families to come and join us for an afternoon of stories and activities together.

Following their topic of Land Ahoy they shared a pirate story of The Pirates of Scurvy Sands. The children and adults then took part in a treasure hunt outside based on Grace Darling, a word search about Captain Cook and created our own pirate flags.

We all had a great afternoon and look forward to the next one.

Chinese New Year 7 February

Johnny was very excited to explain to us what was in his Red envelope to celebrate Chinese New year.

Treasure Hunt 7 February

The children from Eagles and Woodpeckers joined each other and had great fun completing a treasure hunt. This was linked to numbers and co-ordinates but also the topic of Land Ahoy, this activity formed part of social development for the younger children and consolidation of topic knowledge for the older children. We all had great fun including the adults, the children loved receiving their treasure prize…

Eagles 2nd visit from Solo 20 Janaury

This week Eagles class had their 2nd visit from Solo the pony. This term we have learnt the different parts of the hoof and worked on our steering of Solo. We also have a science experiment to carry out, helping us to identify which would be the best bedding for Solo.

KS2 Lego Stem Day 5 December

We had another visit from Lego stem on Thursday to work with our KS2 children. They discussed how to make Lego creations, then all took part in making some great Lego creations. The children really enjoyed seeing what you can make and do with Lego.

Children In Need 15 November

Today the children all made such a great effort and looked brilliant in their yellow and spotty outfits. We have chosen a winner for every class for the most creative costume. So far today we have raised £64.40.

Thank you to all that has taken part and made a donation.

Berry Fields Visit 31 October

Eagles class have been very lucky to have a visit from Solo the pony today. All of the children took it in turn to groom the pony and lead Solo round a course, learning language to help him to stop and go. Using their mathematic skills the children used an old fashioned measuring stick to measure each other in hands to check if they would be a pony or horse. We look forward to our next visit!